Wholesale Information Page

The page contains wholesale information about Edgers. The company offers an online platform named edgers.com.tr to take, place, and send orders from customers. The company only takes wholesale orders. Customers cannot make retail orders from the website. The wholesale orders made by customers will be delivered to the shipping firm within two days if the order is ready in the warehouses. The duration of delivery may change depending on the shipping firm. The shipping pricing changes according to order, and the agreed shipping firm may change among orders. 


Purpose and Scope

The company’s wholesale information page covers the information about wholesale that should be read and acknowledged by the customers. The wholesale information page provides transparent communication between the seller and the buyer. The company holds all rights to make changes to the wholesale information page. The changes will be announced to the public if there are any. The Board of directors of the company is responsible for changing the wholesale information page when needed.


Informing methods and tools

The informing methods and tools used by the company on this wholesale information page consist of the following.

  • Special occasion explanations
  • Financial tables, audit reports, declarations, annual and monthly activity reports
  • The company’s website (www.edgers.com.tr)
  • Announcements
  • E-mail notifications
  • Phone notifications
  • Text message notifications
  • Written media declarations

Shipping Price and Refund


The shipping pricing might change depending on the products that were ordered by the customer. The shipping price would be determined through a decision made by the customer and the company. The shipping price would be added to the prices of the products that were ordered by the customer. Through the shipping process, the custom and shipping pricing on the sending country is covered by the company, and the custom, shipping, other prices will be covered by the customer. To get the final shipping pricing, the customer should contact the company.


The customer is responsible for checking the product when it is delivered by the shipping firm to detect any problems. If the customer detects any problems in the package, they must immediately ask for a damage report issue from the courier and do not sign the delivery as completed. The courier would return the package with the damage report issue to the company.


All the products ordered by the customer would be sent to the address written by the customer. The customer is responsible for checking the address they wrote. The company accepts no responsibilities for wrongly written address information. In a case where an order is canceled, or the products could not send to the customer due to the wrong address information, the new shipping price must be covered by the customer. The company does not cover the shipping and custom prices if the address was written wrong.


Payment Methods

The payment methods for the products ordered are declared on the website. Customers may pay using transfer, EFT, Western Union credit cards, and cash. The policies of credit card users are not under the responsibility of the company.

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