Edgers Modern Slavery Statement

Modern slavery, including a forced child and adult labor and human trafficking, is an alarming matter. There are no companies and industries that could state that there is one hundred percent protected by those matters. Edgersonline has a strict policy regarding this issue, and the work environment includes optimized standards. The company has a very strict viewpoint on modern slavery of any kind, on behalf of opposing modern slavery.


The law states certain companies and establishments must have a modern slavery statement. The purpose of modern slavery statements is to see which actions are taken to avoid possible modern slavery actions in companies and establishments. The edgers company is a reliable company that supports human rights and avoids every action that can harm human rights. The company’s policy includes promoting human rights with regard to respecting them while aiming to prevent human rights infringements.


The company shows respect for human rights and provides high qualities in the working place. The company’s policies on human resources and public relations support this idea. The company is against modern slavery in every way and engages in every possible action to stay away from such situations. The company does not use forced labor, child labor and participates in any form of human trafficking.


Edgers is a company that has a great value on human dignity. Individuals and workers in our company are aware of the values of the company. The company is committed to working onto things that can be considered as blanks in terms of modern slavery policy and would not tolerate any acts in favor of modern slavery.


The company holds certain regulations about the attitudes and behaviors towards workers. No merciless behavior or violation of human rights would be tolerated in the company. All members of edgers are tied to ethical rules, and there are no hierarchical exceptions present in the company. 


In the case of an unethical act where human rights are violated, our workers have the right to give a complaint to us to handle the situation. The company would take care of the situation in a legally right way and prevent any possible other threats to human rights. The company encourages employers to inform us in the presence of a violation of human rights or if they are doubtful about such cases’ presence.


The company takes the laws about modern slavery very seriously and by no means accepts such behavior. The company’s ethical values are against modern slavery, and minimum requirements for each worker would be provided. Individuals under 18 can only work in the company as interns, with all the legal requirements met. All the workers of the company are aware of those ethical standards and legal regulations, and they act accordingly. In the case where employers do not inform us or involve in such actions, legal actions will be taken against them.


Company Policies and Values on Modern Slavery

All the legal precautions are present in the company. Regardless of the law, the mission and values of the company promote human rights and avoid any action that can cause harm to others. Modern slavery, forced labor, and child labor are unacceptable issues, and they will never be tolerated in the company.


We aim to have an equal, diverse, and healthy work environment with all the needs of employees met. The company would not participate in any illegal acts about modern slavery and is very much sensitive about this subject. The policies and strategies of the company are of a nature to support those missions and values.


The Company’s Supply Chains

Supply chains in any given trade company are one of the most questionable departments in terms of modern slavery. The company is constantly in touch with the supply chains and their working environment to make sure that everything is done there is ethically right. The company takes human rights very seriously and would intervene if any inconvenient actions are spotted. Those actions are everything that can possibly harm one’s dignity and prevent them from having their rights. Examples can be child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, and ruthless acts to humans.


The supply chains of edgers are obligated to follow the ethical rules of the company. If any violation of those ethical rules is spotted, the legal procedures would be started to maintain justice and prevent possible threatening actions. As the company does not use any form of child labor or forced labor and is strictly against them, the supply chains’ use of those illegal laborers would not be tolerated.


The company sends the ethical codes to follow to the supply chain in terms of avoiding modern slavery. The ethical codes include human rights and values, and supply chains are informed that they can only work with us as long as they are following those ethical rules. In some cases, supply chains are required to prove the conditions in their workplace to be able to work with us.


Training Employees

In order to protect order and ethical values ​​within the company, each employee goes through training on these subjects. The content of the training includes the minimum requirements to know about modern slavery and how to avoid it. All employees of the company are obligated to take this training. 


The training process includes educating employees about how to detect possible modern slavery and human trafficking and what to do when they are doubtful about such issues. Employees can anonymously report unethical acts and crimes in the workplace to avoid any feared consequences of reporting.


Reporting Issues on Modern Slavery 

All employees have the right to report in the case of violation of human rights and modern slavery. The company ensures that their rights will be supported if they ever face w situation where they are threatened if they would report the case. The company also supports employees to share their doubts, even though there is no evidence present. Our aim is to create a safe working environment with all ethical requirements met.

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