Terms of Use

Entering any kind of data or using the website directly means that you have accepted the terms of use. Before visiting the website or performing any action on the website, users are responsible for reading the terms of use carefully. If you are not accepting something written in terms of use, you need to log out from the website immediately. If you continue to use the website, you will be accepting the terms of use.


Edgersonline.com is managed by Edgers and will be mentioned as the website from now on. Terms of use enure once it gets established. The website is the only one that can change the policy. As the terms of use change and all the members are notified, all members would be once again accepting the new terms of use if they continue to use the website. 


Registration and Safety

The user is obligated to give full, valid, and up-to-date information while registering. Otherwise, terms of use will be accepted as violated, and the website will have the right to close the user’s account without prior notice. The user is responsible for website and third-party website passwords and account safety. The website does not accept responsibility for data loss and security violations due to the user’s mistake.


Intellectual Property Rights

all registered or unregistered intellectual property rights, including but not limited to title, business name, brand, patent, logo, design, and information, are under the protection of both international and national law. The aforementioned intellectual property rights belong to the company or mentioned who may concern. Visiting the website or using the website gives no rights to those intellectual properties. No information on the website can be published, reproduced, served, and/or transferred. A part of the website or all of it cannot be used on any other website. 



The company has all rights to change product information and pricing at any given time. The user accepts that participating in any form of reverse engineering on the website is a crime. The user accepts that they will not participate in reverse engineering on the website in any circumstances, and the legal actions will be taken in the presence of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering resulted in the violation of third-party rights will also concern the one who participated in reverse engineering.


The user accepts that they will not participate in any humiliating actions on the website and violation of human rights. The user is responsible for all the illegal actions they made on the website, and the website would not tolerate the violation of the law. 



Privacy on the website is established by a separate policy and consists of processing and using the personal data provided to the website. As you use the website, you would be accepting the website to processing the information with regard to the privacy policy. 


Scope of Service

Edgers hold all the rights to determine the scope of service according to the law. Once the changes are announced on the website, it means that they came into effect. It is the user’s responsibility to follow changes in the scope of service. User accepts the changes in the scope of service if continues to use. 


General Provisions

All the website users accept that they will use the website according to law and for only personal purposes. Users accept that the use of a website by violating the third parties’ personal rights requires legal actions. The user takes all the responsibilities for the operations and actions they made on the website. The website accepts no responsibilities due to mentioned operations and actions that resulted in violations of third parties. 


Necessary precautions with regard to updating information on the website are taken frequently. Even that is the case, the information provided on the website might not be up to date. The website does not give a guarantee with regard to the correctness of the information in the website. 


The website might contain links to other websites or applications in the form of hyperlinks. The website is only a bridge between two parties and does not accept any responsibility in its contents. The website takes all the precautions about viruses; however, it is not one hundred percent guaranteed that the viruses cannot be present on the website. The user is responsible for the safety of their devices while using the website. The website does not accept any responsibility for possible viruses, programs, coding, and materials harming the user’s device. 


It is not guaranteed that the service you will get from the website will be flawless. The user might encounter some technical problems during the use of the website. During the use of the website, the user can end the process at any given point. 


Integrity and Applicability of the Agreement

If an article of the agreement or some parts of the agreement becomes legally invalid, the rest of the agreement preserves its validness. 



All the notifications regarding the agreement will be between the website’s aforementioned e-mail address and the user’s e-mail address which was written in the membership form. The user accepts that the e-mail address they clarified in the membership form is valid and still in use. If not, the user accepts that the notification sent to that e-mail address will still be counted as valid. 


Evidence Agreement

The user accepts that the evidence against them can be used from the saved personal information. The user accepts not object to that evidence according to Civil Procedure Law No. 6100. The evidence may include papers, registration information, computer data, and fax registrations. 


Limitation of Liability

The website’s limitation of liability is limited by damage from the will and gross negligence. In the case where the damage is done due to the neglection of the agreements, the total compensation is limited to predictable damages. The aforementioned limitations of liability are not valid for human life, damage to the body, or damage to health. In all cases considered as legally force majeure, delay, non-performance, and default, the website will not accept any compensation responsibilities. 


In the cases of any kind of disagreement due to the application and/or interpretation of the agreement, the legal law of the Turkey Republic will be applied. 

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