Edgers Cookie Policy


The cookies are used to give you a better experience in edgersonline. Additionally, cookies are used to increase the performance of any given website. There are various cookie types, and those cookies have different functions, as well as different cookie categories.


There are many ways how cookies can make a website easier to use. For example, if you want the website to remember your password so that you can enter it each time easily, cookies are used to provide this. Another function of cookies is to remember and store some of your actions on the website. Cookies can determine from what device you are using the website, as well as your location.


Cookies are also used to personalize your experience on the website. They are used to show you advertisements about your interests, and the things you had been looking for. Besides, cookies allow us to give you more personalized discounts and products. Edgersonline can use advertisement technology through cookies, and third-party cookies might be used during this process.


How cookies collect data?

The first thing you should know about cookies' way of collecting data is that they are entirely based on your consent. As you enter the website, the consent will be asked to you to enable cookies. As you give consent, the cookies on the website can be used for various purposes.


Cookies collect data through artificial intelligence, meaning that no individuals are involved in this process. Different cookie types have different ways of collecting and processing data. The following are the cookie types used in this website and their functions.


Session Cookies

Session cookies are the type of cookie that is only used when you are at the website as you log off from the website or close the tab. Session cookies are used to provide a smooth website use.


Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are used to remember your preferences to give you a better experience on the website. Persistent cookies can be stored on your device through your browser and help to give you a more personalized experience. Persistent cookies remember what kinds of things you are looking for and present you with similar products or services.


Analysis Cookies

Analysis cookies are the type of cookie that stores the basic analytic values of your website visitors. Those analytic values might include how many minutes you spent on the website or which websites you visited afterward. Additionally, analysis cookies help us to see where did you click on the website and other links you click.


Technical/Mandatory Cookies

Technical or mandatory cookies are the cookies that are necessary to run a website. In other words, technical cookies are the cookies that make the use of a website possible. In the case where the technical cookies are disabled, it might not be possible to use the website.


Advertisements and Third-Party Cookies

Advertisements and third-party cookies are used by the parties who are publishing advertisements on our website. Third parties use this type of cookie to acknowledge the anonymous user in the website for further actions. The reason for advertisements and third-party cookies to remember your preferences on the website and to show you the kinds of advertisements you are interested in. Besides, advertisements and third-party cookies can be used to analyze the advertisement's usefulness in the website in terms of purchasing and viewing.


Why do we use cookies on our website?

As we mentioned earlier, cookies help to optimize the website and offer you the best experience. Our website uses cookies for those purposes as well to personalize your experience in the website and make finding the optimal options for you easily. Cookies enable us to gather the information that will help us and you in your shopping experience.


Through cookies, we know about the shipping details and your identity for legal purposes. Additionally, cookies are used to improve advertisements on the website. Also, receiving feedbacks and complaints from you is also made possible through cookies. Cookies are necessary to run a website and to fulfill the legal responsibilities of both parties.


How are third-party cookies used on our website?

There are several third-party cookie types used on our website, all with different functions. Through third-party cookies, we can see your actions on our website. We can track your device usage behavior through marketing channels. Also, third-party cookies help us to understand the difference between different users and measure the traffic on our website. 


Additionally, third-party cookies can be used to show you personalized advertisements on other social media platforms on your device. Your e-mail address can be shared to those social media platforms through safe channels, and they are only used for matching purposes in the social media; third parties have no access to your e-mail address.


How the personal data stored and used through cookies?

All the personal data we store and use are based on your permissions. We do not use any data that you did not give consent to. After giving consent, we can use the personal data and use them to build a functioning website and preserve technical precautions. 


Sharing your personal data with third parties also occurs with your permissions. However, personal data can be shared with the court of law if needed. This is also necessary to function as a legal website with all the responsibilities fulfilled. Our website is not responsible for the third parties' use of your personal data.


Administrating Cookie Use on Your Browser

As we mentioned earlier, cookies can only be used to give us consent to use them. You can always change the options in terms of the cookies to be used. Keep in mind that making changes in the cookies on your device can lead to some changes in your experience on our website.


You can always find cookies settings in your browser. In the setting part, you will see a section where you can administer the cookies to be used. However, this may lead to the prevention of using certain functions of the website. You should decide which functions you need to use on our website before deciding to change cookie preferences.

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