About Us

Now Edgers is the Fashion

Edgers was established in 2017 in Osmanbey with a passion and many wonderful ideas that would come true later. The founders started this company with great vision, passion, and devotion to bring a new viewpoint on menswear. Starting from the day that Edgers was established, the company continues to produce high-quality products for men all around the world. The production facilities in İzmir consist of professionals who love their job and also love to be a part of Edgers.


Edgers is about combining the future with traditions while providing quality and trend products for men of all ages. The main purpose of Edgers is to make consumers happy and satisfied since the number one principle is to establish unconditional customer satisfaction. Edgers also is a pioneer in terms of providing personal style consultancy for its customers.


Edgers Products 

  • Edgers Classic – Best products to wear in busy business life with chic looks and classical style.
  • Edgers Casual – To have that one unique style in your daily life while maintaining comfort. 
  • Edgers Ceremony – Edgers never leave you alone on special days when you need it the most. 

Edgers Countries of Sale

Starting from the day it was established, Edger aims to increase its share in world trade with its trendy, qualified, and modern products. 





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