Edgers Preliminary Information Form


1- Seller Information


Title: Edgersonline




E-mail address:



2-Buyer Information


Name and Surname:


Phone Number:

E-mail address:


3-Product and Delivery Information


3.1 The properties of the products can be seen on the website if it is on the website during the campaigns.


3.2 The pricing defined on the website is the selling prices. The prices are valid until they get changed and/or updated. The prices that are defined to be for a specific time are valid until the end of that time.


3.3 The pricing of the goods or services, including taxes, are present in the following table.


3.4 The payment methods and delivery information are as follows.


4-The Right of Withdrawal


4.1 The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase and can return it within 14 days of purchase without giving any justification.


4.2 The seller directly agrees that they were informed with preliminary information form before accepting distance sale agreement or any agreement equal to the distance sale agreement.


4.3 In order to use the right of withdrawal, the buyer must make a notification to whom it may concern. The product must not be used in the 6th article provisions in order for the withdrawal to be accepted. In the case where this right is used:

  1. The invoice belongs to the third parties or the buyer to whom the products were delivered (If the product that is wanted to be returned as a corporate invoice, the invoice regulated by the corporate requires. If there are no return invoices regulated by the corporate is present, the return would not be possible.
  2. Invoice form
  3. The box, packaging, standard accessory, if there are any, must be present while returning the items. If all those requirements are met, the price would be given back to the buyer in the following 14 days.

4.4 Shipping price would be given back to the buyer as soon as the buyer accepts the items back. If the price is decreased under the minimum limit set by the seller in a campaign, and or if the requirements of the campaign are not being met, the discount in the scope of the campaign and/or shipping price would be canceled.


4.5 While the product is being returned to the seller, the original invoice presented to the seller must be returned. If the original invoice is not sent with the products within five days, the return would be canceled, and it would be sent back to the buyer. The invoice sent with the unaccepted returned item would have the return invoice that must be signed by the buyer.


5-Products that Right of Withdrawal cannot be used 


5.1 Certain products cannot be returned due to their nature. Those products include disposable products, copyable software, products that can get rotten easily, the products that have to have the possibility to be expired.


5.2 In order to use the right of withdrawal, the following products need some requirements. The following products can only be returned if the packages are not open, they are not rotten, and they have never been tried on:


Every cosmetics product


Underwear and beachwear


Every self-care product


Every software and program


DVD, VCD, CD, and tapes


Computer and stationery products.


6-General Provisions


6.1 The buyer agrees that the preliminary information about the product’s features and the relative information about payment, taxes, delivery, and the payment method was presented to them and agrees to give the necessary permissions.


6.2 If the buyer is not at the address during delivery, the seller would be accepted as meeting all the requirements. If there is no one at the address when the products are delivered, following the product’s situation is the responsibility of the buyer. If the product is being delivered to the establishment, the seller is not responsible if there is no one in the establishment or no one accepted the delivery. All the issues regarding the buyer not getting the product at the time and the product getting harmed during this process is under the responsibility of the buyer.


6.3 The buyer accepts in the presence of any disagreement, datas saved by the websites, including seller’s formal papers and trade records, databases, electronic information held in the browsers, computer and cell phone meeting records, can be used as evidence.



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