Distance Sale Agreement

This agreement was prepared to meet the law requirements of creating a sales website.


Article 1 – Subjects


Seller; Edgersonline












Buyer: Customer


Article 2 – Information About the Service

Distance sale agreement is an agreement to protect the rights of both seller and buyer according to the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection No.6502 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts No.29188. The prices on the website are the sale prices of the products, and they are valid until the seller changes them. The preliminary note is an inseparable note to the distance sale agreement.


Article 3 – Delivery of Goods or Services

The goods or the services would be sent to the given address. If the buyer is not present at the address, the goods or the services would be delivered to another adult at the address.


Article 4 – Delivery Costs and Pursuance

Unless the seller stated that the delivery would be free, the buyer is responsible for the delivery cost. The buyer is not responsible for the delivery when the buyer stated that the delivery would be costless. The delivery would be held as soon as the product is in stock. The buyer can return the goods or the services within 30 days after purchase. The buyer has the right to extend the return date ten more days if a written request was made. If the customer did not pay the goods or services, or the bank declines the payment, the seller has no more responsibility to deliver.


Article 5 – Cash on Delivery

The cash-on-delivery option is not a choice made by the seller. If the cargo firm has cash on delivery option, payment can be made as cash on delivery. The cash-on-delivery service costs 4.95 TRY in Turkey and 6.00 USD in other countries. This payment is an issue of the cargo firm and would not be refunded in the case of returning products or goods. The seller has no responsibility in the cash-on-delivery option.


Article 6 - Declarations and Commitments of the Sellers

The seller is responsible for the delivery of the product, as seen on the website. The responsibilities of the sellers include providing sturdy and complete products with a warranty card and user manual. If another person on the delivery address declines to get the goods or the services from the website, it is not under the seller's responsibility by no means. Within the 14 days of cancellation declaration reaches to the seller, they return the cost of the goods or the products to the buyer. The seller has the right to offer other goods and services at the exact cost if the right circumstances are met. The goods and services bought with the warranty card can be sent back to repairment.


Article 7 – Special Conditions

7.1 For making the websites and the products more accessible, the seller can let third parties share links in other websites and contents. The company has no responsibility for the content of the provided links by the third parties.


7.2 The seller can determine different campaigns for different buyers in different periods. Those campaigns can have different requirements, such as a purchasing limit or campaigns based on the product number. If the buyer could not meet the campaign's requirements for any reason, the discount would be canceled, and the return payment to the buyer would be decreased by the same amount.


7.3 If the buyer is on a condition where they can meet multiple campaigns, it would not be possible to use both campaigns at once. The seller can only use one campaign at a time. The seller accepts that they have no rights to claim this in any circumstances.


7.4 Seller has all the rights to stop, update, or change the campaign at any given time. The buyer is responsible for investigating the details of the campaign before purchasing.


7.5 All of the information on the website belongs to the company except that are belongs to third parties. They cannot be used without written permission.


Article 8 – Properties of the Goods or Services in the Distance Sale Agreement

 All the properties of the goods and services, including but not limited to type, model, brand, color, taxes, and price, are an indispensable part of the preliminary information form and the invoice.


Article 9 – Protection of Personal Data

The company is under the obligation to follow Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. The company stores and uses personal data according to the personal data protection law.


Article 10 – Interest

The interest rate cannot exceed the limit regulated by the Republic of Turkey. The interest rate cannot exceed 30% under any circumstances.


Article 11 – Payment Plan

11.1 In the case where the buyer chooses to pay with a credit card and with installments, the regulations between the bank and the buyer. All the legal regulations will be made according to the agreement between the bank and the buyer. Buyers can also track the installments and payments through their bank accounts. 


11.2 The bank may offer campaigns to add more installment options. Those options are all up to the bank, and if the seller is aware of those installment options, they can put them on the page. The fractions of the installment may not be divided equally depending on your bank. All of the details of the payment are under the initiative of the bank.


Article 12 – Right of Withdrawal

12.1 The buyer can withdraw from the purchase without offering any reasons within 14 days of purchase.


12.2 The right of withdrawal starts from the delivery day.


12.3 While determining the duration of the right of withdrawal;

  1. In the cases where there is one order with different products, the day of the last product's delivery,
  2. In the cases where there are multiple products, the day of the last product's delivery,

In the cases where the product is being delivered regularly, the day of the first product's delivery is taken into consideration. If the product is delivered to the cargo firm, it is not accepted as delivered.

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