Payment Methods

Payment methods of Edgersonline include transfer, EFT, Western Union credit cards, and cash. The following are frequently asked questions about payment methods on the website.

  1. Is the return policy of the website the same as other web-based trade sites’ return and cancellation policies? What are the differences?

Returning and cancelation policies are the same as every other web-based trade site. There are no exceptional processes involved.

  1. How is the shipping and delivery processes work?

In the cases where the product is ready and present, we sent the ship the product as soon as possible, with the next day being the latest shipping date. This does not mean that the product will be delivered the next day, but we send it to the cargo firm the next day. The cargo firm will be the agreed cargo firm of the customer, and the company has its own agreements as well. The shipping price is typically decided after a discussion with the customer. 

  1. How export process work?

In the situations where the exportation to other countries is involved, the company pays for the shipping and custom prices in Turkey, and the customer needs to pay the shipping and custom prices in their country. The company works with every cargo firm, and for the full price of the export process, the customer can always contact the company through e-mail or customer service. 

  1. What are the conditions of wholesale purchase?

The products on the site are sold in series. The website does not have a single product sale option. In this process, there is no minimum price order, yet the orders have to be series. 

  1. How does the order process work?

First, the customer needs to fill the membership form. After all the information is fully given to the company, the company will send a username and password to the user. Later, the customer can give the order from the website. As the order comes to the company’s system, it gets processed and approved on the same day. Later, the shipment process starts. If the product is ready in our warehouses, it would be shipped within two days. 

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