Edgers Supply Chain and Working Conditions Policy


Edgers company is obligated to fulfill the legal needs provided by the law. Those requirements include the minimum wage, working hours, human trafficking, forced labor, and work environment conditions. All employees of the company are subject to those legal requirements, meaning the employees are aware of those policies and expected to follow them. 


Following the supply chain and working conditions policy is a significant necessity for all the units of the company. Every unit of the company has the responsibility of reporting and unethical or illegal acts regarding supply chain and working conditions policy. Violation of those policies will not be tolerated, and legal actions will be taken immediately. The company has high standards about supply chain and working conditions policy to create the optimal working environment. 


The policies of the company are all in line with the legal requirements provided by the country. The chain suppliers and partners are required to be in line with those policies to keep working with the company. If any violation is reported, the company has the right to start legal procedures and terminate the partnership.


Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a serious human rights violation regarding child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking. The company by no means involves modern slavery acts, and the attitude towards modern slavery is very strict. No form of abuse, including but not limited to forcing one to work, threatening and deception them to do certain actions, or controlling others, are accepted in the company. Forced labor is a big violation of human rights, and it will not be tolerated by the company. The company takes precautions to minimize any risk of being involved in modern slavery.


Child labor is a subject of modern slavery. Children under 15 years of age cannot be employed under any conditions. Children above 15 years of age could be employed if all the legal requirements were met. The company takes child labor very seriously and would never employ a child to work. 


Wages and Working Hours

All units of the company, including employers, business partners, and supply chains, must follow the legal rules identified by the government about wages and working hours. Less wage than minimum wage will not be accepted in the company. Overtime rules are strictly followed, and the maximum working hours are taken into consideration. No employee of the company would be deprived of the minimum requirements defined by the law. Meal and rest periods are defined according to the law.


Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

The company has no right to intervene with the union memberships of the employees. Each employee has the right to be a member of a union, and neither the company nor the partners have the right to discriminate between employees due to their membership choices.



The company acknowledges and appreciates diversity in race, ethnicity, political viewpoint, religion, sex, and color and treats everyone equally. The company, supply chains, and the business partners do not discriminate in any unit. In the cases as in characteristics of people does not influence their talents or work ethics, the company does not treat anyone differently. 


Health and Safety

The company meets the requirements of the law in terms of protecting employee’s physical and psychological wellbeing. The chain suppliers and the business partners of the company are expected to follow the company’s policy on health and safety.


Suppliers and Business Partners

The company takes modern slavery policy very seriously, and all the suppliers' and business partners’ policies are looked up for before participating in any business partnerships. The company holds all the rights to not collaborate with a supplier or a business partner if any trace of human trafficking and modern slavery is seen. Even though there is no evidence present, the company could not agree to collaborate due to the doubts. In cases where no actions are violating the policies of the company, the company can accept partnerships. If the seen issue had been going through and solved, the company can accept partnerships.


The suppliers and the business partners should follow the policies of modern slavery. If a supplier or a business partner seems to be violating the modern slavery laws, the company has all rights to disconnect with the supplier or the business partner as soon as possible. The company has the right to check the suppliers and business partners from time to time to detect whether if they are following the policies. Those audits can include seeing the working environment and detecting if anything is wrong.



The supply chains and working conditions policy takes place on the company’s website. The policy is located on the first page, making it possible for everyone visiting it to see. 



The company provides training to employers to ensure each employee is aware of the supply chains and working conditions policy. Each unit of the company is expected to participate in the training. Training raises awareness towards sensitive topics such as human trafficking, child labor, and forced labor to create a peaceful working environment.


Reporting Issues

The company would take any report about modern slavery very seriously and start legal processes if needed. The conditions of the report would be considered in all aspects, and the conventional treatment would be held. The reporter is required to keep the procedure’s privacy. 

Internal Audit

Within specified periods, the company would assess the deference to supply chains and work conditions policy in the workplace. If any unethical and illegal actions are detected, the company will complete all legal steps as soon as possible. Periodical internal audits are necessary to provide a functional working environment with all legal requirements met.



Every unit of the company has access to the hotline where they can make a complaint about failure to comply with the policies. Anonymity in the hotlines makes it possible to protect the person who made a complaint in terms of any feared consequences. All units of the company are strongly encouraged to report any misconceptions, unethical behavior, and illegal actions in the workplace.

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