Shipping and Delivery

Shipping will be started within two days if the ordered product is ready in our warehouses. You can change the shipping address until the product is sent to the cargo firm to be sent. As the shipping started, the address change can only be made through cargo firms. You need to contact with cargo firm to make any address changes once the item is shipped.


The cargo firm would send you a notification through e-mail and/or SMS to let you know that the shipping process had started. The company does not have one specific shipping firm that it works with. All shipping firms can be used to send your products. The customer can always contact us about the shipping prices through e-mail or live customer service.


What happens if I am not at the address when the products are delivered?

Products can be delivered to other people present at the address with the condition of taking their contact and/or personal information. A notice would be sent to the purchaser about whom the products were delivered to. If there are no people present at the address, the products would be sent to the shipping branch, and the customer needs to take them from the shipping branch as soon as possible.


What should I be doing during delivery?

The customer should always open and check the product while the shipping attendant is there with you. If you spot any flaws in the product, you can send it right back with the same shipping attendant who brought the product to you. You need to fill a damage assessment report to the shipping attendant.


How many days should I wait for my delivery?

The delivery process depends on the shipping firm. You can always check the status of your delivery through the website. After the company delivers the products to the shipping firm, the shipping is no longer under the responsibility of the company. 


What are the shipping prices?

Shipping prices depend on the country and quantity of the products ordered. They are determined according to the order price and the regulations of the shipping firm. We kindly ask you to contact us for the exact fee and further details. We are here to help you via email and live desk.


Which countries do you ship to?

Edgers ships to Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Albania.

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