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Black Jacquard Tuxedo Suit Wholesale (HİM 763)

Brand : Edgers

Black jacquard tuxedo suits with satin  vest elevate the tuxedo look to a more formal level. This modern fit tuxedo vests features besom pockets, a solid back and an adjustable back strap. The satin black fabric is used on the vest’,  jacket’ collar and cuff design.

Tuxedo vests are ideal as a tuxedo accessory as they give an overall elegant and classic look. They can be worn for day and evening events and are ideal for events such as weddings, galas or black tie events. Tuxedo vests are versatile and can be worn without a jacket and add color to a plain white tuxedo shirt.

Exclusive invitations to special occasions and star of tuxedos allows you to have a combination of comfort and elegance. Edgers collections, each session retains its place among the untouchable and renewed with new fashion trend line combines modern.

65% Polyester - 35% Viscose
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