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Black Patterned Slim Fit Tuxedo Wholesale (HİM 685)

Brand : Edgers

Meet with our elegant “One Button Vest Gold Patterned Slim Fit Tuxedo” design right now and make your store more stunning!

Black Patterned Tuxedo Jacket Design: The black pattern design is used on the tuxedo jacket and the satin black fabric on the collar design. The satin button details on the sleeve hems make the jacket more special.

Elegant Satin Black Tuxedo Vest Design: On the vest design, the high-quality straight satin black fabric is used. There are three buttons and impressive details on the pocket.

Black Lustrous Men’s Shoes: The black shoes have an elegant harmony with the black suit pants. The shoes have a classic style and it makes the tuxedo design more modern. 

Make Your Store Unique

You can make your store more different and special than other stores today. When you add our special tuxedos to your store, you will be able to appeal to everyone and every style immediately. In addition to that, you will be able to purchase our impressive black patterned tuxedos in bulk with the online purchase method and they are available only for wholesale options. You can order right now and make your store special instantly.

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