Now Edgers comes in the Fashion!

Edgers, was founded in Osmanbey on April 1, 2017.

Founders of the company targets to bring Edgers to the international platform with an aim of turning it to a worldwide brand by harmonizing their 25-year experience in textile sector with passion, excitement and visions.

Edgers has an understanding which bring the past together with the future. The company wishes to see people happy by providing Edgers clothes to them with its difference and privilege.

Edgers uses the best quality clothes and newest trend patterns in each part of a collection which is totally prepared by Edgers.

Edgers Classical Collection overcomes intense tempo of business life and all problems thanks to its classy and elegant look.

Edgers Casual Collection gives hints about being both relaxed and cool in daily life.

Edgers Ceremony Collection turns the special days of life such as wedding, engagement and graduation into the sharpest days at the same time.

Edgers which established its principals upon ‘customer satisfactory without condition’, develops a relationship upon trustworthiness and friendship with its clients. Edgers understands their demands correctly and provides feedback immediately, and they even provides special personal style counselling service.

Edgers is ready to become new passion of modern men of all ages!


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