What to consider When Choosing the Groom’s Suit?

Groom’s Suits which are considered to be the star of the day and which will prepare men to a new life, have three types:

  1. Lounge Suit
  2. Tuxedo
  3. Frock Coat


Lounge Suit:

Even if the grooms generally choose black colour in a lounge suit, its colour range is quite wide. There is a lot of people who choose smoke-coloured, grey, night blue, beige and blue colours instead of black.

Selection of supplementary elements of a lounge suit also necessitates punctiliousness. Colour and shape of tie, handkerchief put into the pocket or the colour of the flower are very important.

When choosing the tie, shoulder width and tall stature of the groom are taken into consideration. If he has wide shoulders, and if he is tall, a thin tie shouldn’t be preferred. The colour of the tie and handkerchief and flower should be of the same colour. Also when choosing the colours, it may be provided that they suit to the bouquet toss of the bride or her belt or suchlike supplementary elements.

Shirt must be one-coloured, and white and white tones must be preferred. Cuff links contributes to the classiness of the shirt.



Two colours come forward when choosing a tuxedo.

While black tuxedo may be easily worn by everybody, tall men with wide shoulders may prefer white tuxedo.

Whether to wear a vest or a belt inside the tuxedo, must be chosen according to the abdomen of the groom. Bellied men should avoid wearing vest inside the tuxedo, and they should prefer black-coloured belts which may paper over the tracks. However, the important aspect to be considered is the thickness of the belt. Quite thick or short belts may deface the look of the tuxedo.

Choose white shirt inside the tuxedo, and also be careful to choose cuff links and shirt buttons in white or black colour. Shirt may be provided a new breath by using a black belt long with the buttons.


Frock Coat:

Frock Coat is very well for thin and tall grooms. Of course the place of wedding is also important. For example if you make a countryside wedding, frock coat will suit well to this atmosphere.

Selection of vest and belt is as it is in choosing the tuxedo when choosing the frock coat. It is recommended for bellied men to avoid wearing vests and to prefer a black belt with suitable-thickness.

It is necessary to choose the shirt in white or black colours.

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