History of Lounge Suit

Lounge suit which is considered as the indispensable part of men wear, first used in Spain; then it spread over whole Europe. Preparing the pants, vest and coat from the same cloth, became interesting in 1860’s.

Thirty years after that period, lounge suit became the necessity of business life. Opening or closing the buttons was evaluated as a respect and good manners expression.

Lounge suit which was first used by noble and aristocrat people at first, became widespread because the middle-class men wished to look like them as a gentleman. Thus, lounge suit brought simplicity and seriousness in men wear.

While industrial revolution created a new lifestyle after the development of the trade and urban life, there weren’t any big changes in lounge suit in men wear fashion as it is nowadays. Dark-coloured lounge suits in governmental agencies and wearing tuxedos in special invitations became accepted by wide range of people.

Within this sense, lounge suit removed the aristocratic discrimination in the history.

Lounge suit which provides a serious look to men, is preferred in each area of life. It continues to have the importance without any decrease against time, as the indispensable part of the men who take care himself and who respect and care the other people.

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